How do I unlock my emotions without looking weak?

Written by Penny Payton
October 26, 2021

Understanding your own emotions, in other words becoming emotionally self aware is the first and foremost thing in life that will make you the strongest and most well balanced human being you can be.

Emotions are just like anything else you just need to understand them and know what to do with them to navigate them well. They are meant to be something that is fleeting like a guide through life rather than something we get stuck on or become fearful of.

All you need to do is learn that it is OK to stop and assess how you feel at any given point during the day. Once you become comfortable doing that you need to learn how to identify what you’re feeling in those moments. Once you’ve identified it you need to learn why it’s bothering you. Then you need to process through that and release it. You can now cope.

It is that simple.

The real issue comes in when you start facing your emotional baggage, the things that trigger you that things that cause insecurity the repressed emotions you haven’t dealt with.

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